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      Quality is being checked while the raw material is procured.

      In case of yarn dyeing ,quality is checked at the stage of procuring       raw materials, and as well as after dyeing .before going into       production


    Only machines of high quality are being  selected.

    Pilot testing will be made for the GSM Dia confirmation before
    going ahead for the bulk production run.

    Constant knitting quality checks are being followed up while in the     greigh stage.

    Final check-up is made before passing on the fabric to processing        units.
    All records are electronically archived for future reference


 The Process houses that we work with have the most sophisticated and current machinery, with the highest quality standards.

We ensure colour matching to the shades before and after bulk production. ISO standards are strictly followed at all the processing stages. Fastness to light, rubbing and washing being always checked in house and also at independent laboratories like SGS and  Interteck testing services.


Precise pattern making is ensured and it is always computer crosschecked so as to get more accuracy and efficiency.

Fabric is always checked for any defects before and after cutting.

The Line system is arranged for maximum productivity.

An AQL level standard of 2.5 is followed at every stage of production.

Reports are maintained at every level.

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